We tasted a lot of coffee until we finally came upon a blend that we were proud of and happy to share with you! It's a special blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Costa Rican and Honduran beans.

It is Fairtrade and 100 percent Arabica, carefully hand roasted by Nick to the same degree of perfection time and time again.

We’re not going to tell you what flavour notes you and your customers will detect, that’s down to you and your own individual taste buds!

All you need to know is that you can feel confident choosing a coffee that has been carefully selected, lovingly roasted and packaged in the greenest way possible.

Wooden Hill Coffee is available in 1kg and 250g bags as beans or ground coffee.


We are proud to be able to offer a beautiful blend of coffee that has been decaffeinated using the friendlier Swiss Water Process, 100% Chemical free decaffeination. Also available in 1kg and 250g bags as beans or ground.