Once roasted, coffee becomes very delicate and therefore needs to be stored in protective packaging. Most people use a foil lined or laminated material that can sit on land fill for many, many years. We have spent a long time looking into a solution that fits our ethos, and found Biotre®! Now for the technical stuff:


Compared to a standard plastic/foil laminate which is made from 100% non-renewable fossil fuels and is not considered biodegradable, Biotre® is made from up to 60% by weight of materials that are made from renewable wood pulp and certified to the Industrial Composting norms. Studies in moist, managed home composters have shown a degradation time of 90 days.


The remaining clear polymer makes up 40% of the Biotre® package by weight. It is designed to break down in five to ten years in a landfill environment; much more quickly than typical plastics, thus reducing the solid waste impact of Biotre.


There, thats better than foil and laminates isn't it!


Wild Flowers.

The labels on our retail bags are made from paper impregnated with wildflower seeds. Please plant to encourage the birds and bees!!

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